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 +===== ChromeOS =====
 |**Date:**       | Wednesday 30th March, 2011 | |**Date:**       | Wednesday 30th March, 2011 |
 |**Pre-meeting** | 6pm @ Muttis downstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC). | |**Pre-meeting** | 6pm @ Muttis downstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC). |
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 |**Hosted By:**   | Robert Moonen | |**Hosted By:**   | Robert Moonen |
 |**Workshop Topic**| Preview of ChromeOS | |**Workshop Topic**| Preview of ChromeOS |
-|**Workshop Requirements**|  |+ 
 +Robert took us on tour of ChromeOS and we got to look at what's included and what it's purpose is.  It's still not out yet and you have to compile it to get the distro to work.  It mainly looks like a locked down distro which boots straight into the browser. We did manage to get into the backend and see that tools such as 'perl' are included in the distro.
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