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 Date: 25th Jan 2008\\ Date: 25th Jan 2008\\
 Hosted By: Michael Pope\\ Hosted By: Michael Pope\\
 +EDIT: I've found if you use a program called [[http://​​|UNetBootin]] then you can make bootable usb drives using ISOs through a GUI.  This works on Windows/​Linux/​etc.
 +EDIT: More info: [[http://​​safepup/​index.php?​file=Completing%20HP-USB%20Steps.htm]]
 Download [[http://​​ftp/​pub/​os/​Linux/​distr/​feather/​|feather-linux]] Download [[http://​​ftp/​pub/​os/​Linux/​distr/​feather/​|feather-linux]]
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