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 +====== SSH Tricks and Screen ======
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 Muttis upstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC) Muttis upstairs (118 Elgin st, Carlton VIC)
-**Meeting Topics** +===== SSH - Tips n' Tricks by David Schoen ===== 
-^Topic             ^Presenter^ + 
-SSH - Tips n' Tricks| with David Schoen| + 
-| The 'screen' toolMalcolm Herbert |+{{:workshops:ssh_tips_n_tricks.pdf|SSH Tips and Tricks}} 
 +===== The 'screen' tool by Malcolm Herbert ===== 
 +{{:workshops:screen.pdf|Screen Slides}} 
 +The git repository which includes the above slide pack, the config 
 +examples and helper scripts may be had by doing the following: 
 +  git clone 
 +If there were any suggestions around the content of the talk, please let 
 +me know. 
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