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 ====== Workshops ====== ====== Workshops ======
 Here is the list of workshops which we have completed at MLUG\\ Here is the list of workshops which we have completed at MLUG\\
 +|27th May 2019|[[workshops:​bluetooth audio streaming on a pi]]|
 +|25th March 2019|[[workshops:​multiboot usb and jitsi, matrix and irc]]|
 +|25th February 2019|[[workshops:​Kodi_Netflix_3dPrinters_PiTooth]]|
 +|28th January 2019|[[workshops:​Complicated_clock_car_computer_lca2019_report]]|
 +|29th October 2018|[[workshops:​NanoPI_M4_IPTables_GeoBlocking]]|
 +|27th August 2018|[[workshops:​Setting up a serial console]]|
 |28th May 2018|[[workshops:​PiFi and ledger-cli]]| |28th May 2018|[[workshops:​PiFi and ledger-cli]]|
 |30th April 2018|[[workshops:​Static sites and xdotool]]| |30th April 2018|[[workshops:​Static sites and xdotool]]|
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