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Meeting Ideas

Here are some ideas which maybe of interest for future meetings. If you are interested in doing a workshop about one of these topics or something else related to Linux please let us know on the mailing list.

System Admin

  • Using ZSH
  • BTRFS filesystem tips and tricks
  • Creating a software raid
  • Virtualisation with Xen/KVM installation and configuration
  • nagios → performance network monitoring tool
  • Setting up Asterisk/Trixbox
  • hylafax → semi-interest.
  • Setting up a cloud storage server using iFolder
  • Using A proxy to keep a central repository of DEB packages you install to save bandwidth and speed up installation
  • Streaming music using mp-daap and amarok over wireless


  • Testing your administration scripts with cucumber / rspec.
  • Add a GUI to your scripts with Shoes
  • Configuring emacs for Rails|
  • Starting to program Python with QT
  • Version control systems


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