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Here is the list of workshops which we have completed at MLUG

29th June 202020200629 discussions
25th March 2019multiboot usb and jitsi, matrix and irc
25th February 2019Kodi_Netflix_3dPrinters_PiTooth
28th January 2019Complicated_clock_car_computer_lca2019_report
29th October 2018NanoPI_M4_IPTables_GeoBlocking
27th August 2018Setting up a serial console
28th May 2018PiFi and ledger-cli
30th April 2018Static sites and xdotool
26th February 2018nftables and Gentoo
29th January 2018csmanager and borgbackup
25th September 2017MIDI_and_openshot
28th August 2017keepassx_power_and_slackware
31st July 2017gpg and system76
26th June 2017picam
29th May 2017cross compile and apps on chromebooks
24th April 2017github and virtualisation for gaming
30th March 2017csv2anki and package manager for everyone
27th February 2017pdf conversion and rockbox
30th January 2017weather logger & arduino makefiles
28th November 2016Bash with data and Mechanical keyboards
31st October 2016Bash on Windows, Uboot and Munin
26th September 2016puppet & chocolatey, runindent and sfl
30th August 2016exwm and 3d printing
25th July 2016CHIP, BOINC and tox
27th June 2016Xdmx & shared library paths
30th May 2016Datascience & Syncthing
18th April 2016Cyanogenmod & Linux on cheap notebooks
21st March 2016VMware performance and photography
29th February 2016docker-compose & post motion detection
25th January 2016Raspberry PI security camera & Linux under windows
30th November 2015System Z, OpenStreetMap and Linux under windows 2
26th October 2015rcorder, PostgreSQL & Docker
31st August 2015Docker Basics & Remote embedded project
27th July 2015Hansard & Markov, HTML5 audio and linux on Chromebooks
29th June 2015electric_eye & MPD
25th May 2015ssh-proxy & crypt
27th April 2015tarsnap & vpn
30th March 2015btrfs backup &
23rd February 2015Arcade PI & Git
28th January 2015Openstreet offline
29th October 2014Self signed SSL & RPI security cam
24th September 2014GNU autotools
27th August 2014blogs & emacs
30th July 2014VPS & duplicates
25th June 2014stack-based arithmetic and logic unit & shell scripting
28th May 2014mixnets & vagrant and Ansible
30th April 2014Sikuli & Slackbuild scripts
26th March & SQL Basics
26th February 2014Arch, smokeping & wireless cameras
29th January 2014Raspberry PI Captive access point
27th November 2013backup, netbsd, john the ripper & MySQL workbench
30th October 2013old file cleaner & lightning talks
25th September 2013Web scalability & PostScript
28th August 2013AWS deployment of WebPageTest
31st July 2013Tour de Chateau & LVM
26th June 2013lua
29th May 2013Ansible
24th April 2013Linux on ARM & Pizza netmap 2.0
27th March 2013Community & XBMC on PI
27th February 2013SSH tricks and screen
23rd January 2013Python performance, openstack and hybrid graphics
28th November 2012Q CuBox Proxmox
26th September 2012VM/build automation
29th August 2012Specialist scientific and data mining software
25th July 2012Zombies game in C and migrating to RAID1
27th June 2012tvconfig and raspberrypi
30th May 2012pdf tools and large Arduino project overview
2nd May 2012LUKS and IPv6
28th Mar 2012organisation and gpg setup
29th Feb 2012python gtk & Amahi media server
25th Jan 2012rolling distros & MLUG 2012 improvements
30th November 2011Programming tools, emacs and vim
26th October 2011OpenCOG and WIIMOTES
28th September 2011 LXC virtualisation and chef-solo
24th August 2011 File system snapshots and openoffice macros
27th July 2011 zsh tips and tricks
29th June 2011 PXE tricks
25th May 2011 PDF manipulation
27th Apr 2011 openstreetmap
30th March 2011 Introduction to ChromeOS
23rd February 2011 file systems filibuster
24th November 2010 Arduino Hacking
27th October 2010 Video editing, joomla and OSGUI
29th September 2010 Sorting program
25th August 2010 how_i_converted_my_office_to_linux
29th July 2010 BYO_scripts
June 2010 technical discussion (Mainly about the ATO and lack of Linux support and telstra bashing about the withdrawal of their linux mirrors.)
May 2010 technical discussion
30th April 2010 Review of 4 different cloning techniques
26th March 2010 No Meeting.
26th February 2010 LTSP
29th January 2010
30th October 2009 Two well known Firewalls turn up the heat
25th September 2009 Discussion on setting up a LinuxApacheMysqlPhP stack under Debian/Ubuntu
28th August 2009 Make a live CD from your system using remastersys
31st July 2009 How to encrypt a usbkey
June 2009 discussion only
29th May 2009 Setting up Apache Virtual Hosts
24th April 2009 Using a GIT repository
27th March 2009 Setting up and using VirtualBox to create virtual machines
27th Feb 2009 Setting up and using InternetRelayChat
29th August 2008 Virtualisation
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